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Medical Underpayment Recovery

Medical providers in the United States are losing over $125 billion yearly due to underpaid and improperly denied insurance claims.

We recover all lost medical underpayments for our clients at no cost, time spent, or resources needed from our clients.

With Zero Balance solutions we’ll secure your lost revenue and help you dodge the burdensome and time-intensive process of identifying, researching, appealing, and collecting payer underpayment. Zero Balance solutions help you get ahead of common loopholes that result in underpayments. These include:

  • Incorrect, outdated, or missing clinical documentation

  • Erroneous or illusive contract terms

  • Contrasting interpretations of contract terms between you and the payer

These subtle discrepancies often result in grave underpayment errors if not picked out and course-corrected early. Even with a competent AR team, the error margin is still significant, given the taxing nature of underpayment risk assessment.

Risk Free Engagement

We work solely on a contingency basis. There are no upfront fees, costs, ongoing tasks required from our clients. We take on 100% of the risk and effort to recovery revenues for our clients. We are only compensated when we successfully recover underpayments.

100% Success Rate

Our results are unrivaled. To date we have analyzed billions of dollars in reimbursements and remittances against 1,000s of unique and often complex payer contracts and have found noncompliance and underpayments for 100% of our clients. The typical result is 10%-20% of gross payer receipts in recovery.

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