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Easy Global Growth

Three (3) Great Options for Management Anywhere in the World


  1. Employer of Record (EOR) Service
  2. Independent Contractor Compliance
  3. Agent of Record 

Employer of Record

Employer of Record service, you recruit your talent, anywhere in the world, and let us take care of the rest. We hire your talent, as our employee, and are responsible for all of the details:


  • Client Satisfaction Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Employee Relations and Satisfaction Reporting
  • Employment Agreements
  • Insurance, Benefits and 401k Management
  • Offer Letters
  • On/off-boarding
  • Tax Withholding and Reporting
  • Time Reporting/Collection
  • Wage, Expense and Bonus Payments 

Independent Contractor Compliance

Contingent Workforce Misclassification

Independent contractor compliance is complicated and ever-changing. With Mammon’s compliance service, you identify your contractor, anywhere in the world, and let us take care of everything else. We engage your contractor as a valid independent contractor and are responsible for all the details:

  •  Evaluation of Employment Classification
  • Contractor Relations and Satisfaction Reporting
  • Document Collection and Management
    • Contractor Agreements
    • Statements of Work
    • Insurances

Providing Peace of Mind

By Mammon you are assured your contingent workforce program is operating compliantly. Our experts helps you avoid the missteps in worker classification that can result in catastrophic consequences —from millions of dollars in fines and penalties, to back pay and lost worker benefits, and business-critical delays in expanding operations.

Agent of Record 


Contingent Workforce Management

Paying independent contractors can be challenging. Let us  simplify and streamlines your payment processes, consolidating your IC invoicing and payments through award-winning software. You have 24/7 access to all payment and invoice information – from any device – and your workers get paid quickly. Additionally, we manage the administration of your contingent workforce program:

  • Client Satisfaction Reporting
  • Contractor Satisfaction Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Invoice Collection
  • Payment Processing
  • W-9 Collection




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