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You asked, and Mammon listened. We’ve created solutions that fit small and medium-sized businesses and their capital needs.

Electricity for Businesses

Energy providers want your business. Why not make energy providers bid for your business and you take the lowest bidder?

It’s called a Reverse Auction and you’ll see them bid for your business in real-time from trustworthy energy providers. There is no obligation to pay at the end of the auction and you are not committed to the lowest energy provider in any way. It is only after you have locked in the rate and sign the energy provider’s contract that you are committed. This can all be done on-line with no salesperson or high pressure sale.

There’s no minimum! Even a small corner store can use a reverse auction to save on energy annually.

Prior to the auction, either submit your current energy bills online (if you have simple energy needs), or work with the reverse auction account manager, who will liaise with suppliers for you.

Bids are based on market factors that are beyond the control of suppliers. So, sometimes, bids may not be as low as you’d like – or as low as the supplier would like to offer. If that happens, you can simply hold another auction.

The reverse auction system is guaranteed 100% secure, and your privacy is totally protected. You’ll get all the info you’d normally expect from an RFP – including contracts that your lawyers can review before signing. This service is no-risk.

The energy providers pay us commissions or “finder’s fees” to connect with you. Once you sign a contract, your new provider pays us. You pay us nothing.

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