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Let Mammon Be Your Safety Superhero!

Mammon has customers in 43 states, representing multiple types of business and thousands of employees. Risk Management and Safety is of great importance. A single customer, having a major workplace accident in a single year, can devastate loss ratios and greatly increase premium cost.

Mammon’s unique safety services provide safety oversite and interaction with employees and management to best drive a successful multi-faceted Safety Program.

Our Program Will Promote:

  • Empowering employees to take an active role in their safety program
  • Increasing employee confidence to better promote safety.
  • Assignment of resources to where they are needed most
  • Better communication to close the gap and strengthen relationships between employees and management
  • Provide real-time Safety Analytics and Business Intelligence required to potentially prevent accidents from occurring
  • Act as an extension of management to reach employees with greater, effective, safety knowledge and resources
Mammon can even provide ISNet World setup and compliance for as little as $2,300 per year. 


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