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Business Cost Reductions

With decades of experience our free audit services have pioneered the most innovative services in the country that quickly brings real revenue back to the company.

We specialize in helping companies reduce expenses and save money without changing vendors or providers. This service requires very little time or effort from our clients. All audits are performed on a contingent basis, so we only get paid when you get paid!


Credit Card Merchant Processing Audit – 99% of our clients realize rebates who have $250k/yr in credit card processing in the US and Canada while keeping their current merchant processor.


Cellular/Wireless, Utilities, and Workers’ Comp Audit- 90% of our clients realize rebates of 10-15% who spend over $100k/yr. with these services.


Real Saving Examples:

  • Provided service to a fast-food restaurant with $50M annual revenue. Savings identified in credit card merchant processing and utilities realized $300K in total savings.

  • Service provided to manufacturer and franchise group. Savings identified in workers’ comp, wireless, utilities, and credit card merchant processing a combined savings of $2M


Uniform & Linen Audits – Most of our clients realize 30–50% savings!


Real Savings Examples:

  • Medical Group introduced to uniform & linen audits and saves $400K.

  • Auto dealerships introduced to uniform & linen audits and saves $4M.



We offer specialized tax savings software that sources hundreds of tax credits for companies.


ERC – Employee Retention Tax Credit

WOTC – Worker Opportunity Tax Credit

Manufacturing Payroll Credits

R&D Tax Credit

Cost Segregation

Additional State & Local Tax Incentives


  • Online platform that puts the power of funding directly into our client’s hands.

  • Our Tax Management System allows businesses with employees or facilities to qualify, track, and claim hundreds of tax credits and incentives with one simple login.

  • Uses existing client assets (locations and employees) to search, process, and claim tax credits.

  • The system works on an ongoing basis, continually locating and qualifying clients for funding they are missing out on while INCREASING THEIR CASH FLOW daily!

  • Maintains, manages, and processes job, candidate, employee, and human resources related tasks, policies, and data.

  • The system works as a business organization tool, keeping your company engaged and allowing us to continually work on your behalf to get funding on an ongoing basis.


Real savings examples:

A Software IT company with 278 employees used the tax management system (TMS) for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and the Research & Development (R&D) tax incentives.

  • ERC benefit to company $3,650,250

  • R&D benefit to company $600,000

Apartment complex owner utilizing the tax management system (TMS) implemented a Cost Segregation study for the buildings and Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for their 30 employees.

  • Cost Segregation benefit to company $6,765,589

  • ERC benefit to company $730,05

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