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Accounts Payable Automation

Automating Account Payables (AP) departments reduces AP operating expense and fraud as well as turning the AP department into a profit center. This service is free to our clients.

Our fully automated AP service will:

Automate AP, Boost Efficiency.

Reduce manual labor in your AP department, thus allowing your AP team to focus on more value-added activities (vs stuffing and mailing paper checks cost $5-10 per invoice)

Secure and Seamless Transactions.

Consolidate all outgoing payments into one batch file, sent from your ERP/accounting software out for payment disbursement via check, ACH, Virtual Credit Card.

Time and Cost Savings for Clients.

Provide clients with an end-to-end invoice automation and accounts payables automation solution – automation that saves time and money

Secure Virtual Cards for Monthly Cash

Drive thousands of dollars back in monthly cash rebates to the bottom line since the AP department is now a source of incoming revenue by utilizing one-time-use and extremely secure Virtual Credit Cards.

Streamlined Workflow for Reduced Labor

Reduce invoice errors, consolidate and digitize incoming invoices and send them through the accounts payable process via one workstream, thus reducing labor hours in the AP department.

Unlock Savings Through Monthly Cash Rebates

Receive the invoice automation solution for free due to the monthly cash rebate generated from the solution.

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