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For over 30 years we’ve been working with all size companies increasing our client’s profitability by reducing operational and labor costs. We increase productivity by eliminating tasks that do not produce revenue. We reduce liabilities by diverting risk. We help our client’s stay focused on their core business and grow their company. Most importantly, we do it all on a contingency basis, without our clients’ dedicating resources, changing current vendors, or reducing employees.

Medical Underpayments

Accounts Payable Automation

PEO Services

Business Cost Reductions

We help companies reduce expenses and save money without changing vendors or providers, and at no cost to them. This service requires very little time or effort from our clients.
About Our Company
Mammon’s goals are to help each client increase their profitability by reducing operational and labor costs. We increase productivity by saving time on tasks that do not produce revenue. We help reduce liabilities by diverting risk. We help our client’s stay focused on their core business and grow their company.

Accounts Payable Automation

End to end automating of account payables (AP) departments reduces AP operating expense and fraud as well as turning the AP department into a profit center, at not costs to our clients.

PEO Services

Small businesses that use ​PEOs grow 7-9 percent faster, have 10-14 percent lower employee turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of businessWe offer a variety of PEO solutions to match your needs

Expense Reductions

  • Credit Card Merchant Processing Audit – 99% of clients realize rebates who have $250k/yr in credit card processing in the US and Canada
  • Cellular/Wireless, Utilities, and Workers’ Comp Audit- 90% of clients realize rebates of 10-15% who spend over $100k/yr. with these services.
  • Uniform & Linen Audits – Most clients realize 30–50% savings

Medical Underpayments

Through our forensic accounting service, and at no cost or time from the medical facility we can return hundreds of thousand of dollars, if not millions, back to the facility in as little as 90 days. We have a 100% success rate and our average return is 22% of gross insurance receipts.

Tax Credits

Provides a Tax Management System that gives companies access to hundreds of tax incentives. 

  • ERC – Employee Retention Tax Credit
  • WOTC – Worker Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Manufacturing Payroll Credits
  • R&D Tax Credit
  • Cost Segregation
  • Additional State & Local Tax Incentives

Payroll Services

The unmatched benefit of our personal service and our trusted, professional relationship with you. Seamless import of data entry hours and amounts from customized Excel worksheets Integration with Time and Attendance programs.


Capital your business needs to expand, advertise, pay expenses, build inventory.

Financial Services

You asked, and Mammon listened. We’ve created solutions that fit small and medium-sized businesses and their capital needs.

Why Choose Us

Mammon is committed to helping our clients increase their profitability and productivity,  reduce their employee liabilities, and lower their labor costs.

We offer unique solution that give our clients a competitive advantage while helping to acquire and retain a strong workforce.

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With so many options and considerations you’ll need to make while you begin the process of creating your own business or making changes to it, the situation can become confusing very quickly. 

That is why MAMMON Business Services is here to help!


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Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for any business. Here are 40 quotes supporting this premise: Make a customer, not a sale.

– Katherine Barchetti

The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

– Sam Walton

Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers.

– Ross Perot

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